Terminating Tenancies

On occasions it may be necessary for a tenancy to be terminated. In most circumstances a landlord must give 90 days notice to terminate a tenancy. However there may be reasons for you wishing or needing to terminate the tenancy earlier. There are several solutions for you under the Act. Should the property be required for personal or a family member or the property is sold the period is reduced. In all other circumstances termination of the tenancy will involve an application to the New Zealand Tenancy Tribunal.

Housing People will carry out these actions on behalf of owners as part of the property management service.

Should a tenant become in arrears with their rent (Housing People monitor all rental payments on the day they are due) Housing People will issue a 14 Day Letter (14 days in which the tenant must bring the rent up to date). If rent is not paid up to date after the 14 days an application to the Tenancy Tribunal can be made to end the tenancy.

What ever the circumstances Housing People will complete the required legal actions to terminate any tenancy on behalf of the property owner.

Should any tenant fall into financial difficulties Housing People Ltd will work with the tenant and keep the property owner informed while a satisfactory solution is reached.

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