Housing People has only one main charge. A flat rate of 8.0% + GST of gross rental income received.

When we arrange an external payment for example Local Authority Rates or property maintenance we will add 10% for our disbursement costs.

Should your property become vacant there may be a charge for advertising. This may vary and the owner will be advised of current charges.

All fees are paid by way of deduction from rent paid tax invoices.

There is no additional charge for tenant checks, bond lodgement, tenant selection or property inspections.

Costs related to home maintenance will be limited, by agreement, to a maximum of one weeks rent in any one month with a tax invoice issued. HPL will consult with the property owner at the time the maintenance issue comes to light.

Where a case of an urgent repair arises HPL will act in the best interests of the property owner while not compromising the health or safety of tenants.

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