Property Maintenance

Maintenance upkeep is an integral part of our property management service.

Every property will need some maintenance from time to time. Keeping up with maintenance helps set high standards for your tenants and protects the owners investment.

Accidents do happen. HPL instructs all tenants to inform us immediately of any damage however caused. Simply put if they don’t tell us about an accident then they could be held responsible and have to pay.

We have reliable tradespeople to carry out any repairs or maintenance at competitive rates. We will consult with you on areas of responsibility such as lawns, cleaning the gutters or repairing a broken window etc.

Most Insurance companies require chimneys to be cleaned in rental homes on an annual basis. We can arrange this for the owner at very competitive rates. Don’t overlook this very important maintenance.

We frequently install security stays to windows. As well as the security factor this encourages tenants to leave windows agar and helps keep the home dry and mould free.

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